Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas

What If A Candidate Gets A Counter Offer? - S01 Ep29

October 18, 2021 Michal Juhas Season 1 Episode 29
Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas
What If A Candidate Gets A Counter Offer? - S01 Ep29
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What do you do when your best candidate receives a counteroffer from their current employer? Do you try to convince them, bribe them, or just let it go? Listen to this episode to learn what just happened with one of our clients.

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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the episode 29 of the tech recruitment podcast. Someone was asking me the other day during the tech Recruitment Program q&a session, what do I do when a candidate receives a counter offer? We discussed a few options. And I was saying that, you know, this is really hard because there is very little we as recruiters can really do, like, when they look at our options, we can approach the candidate, we could start convincing the candidate, we could start bribing the candidate, we can come with even better offer. But there is also another option we have, you know, just do nothing. And sometimes that's the best option, because we may realize that the candidate was interested in something else. And I mean, not just more money, but maybe some other aspects of a job that candidate was interested in. And maybe the candidate would not be a good fit for the client we are recruiting for. And the reason why I'm saying this is because I believe exactly, something like this happened over the weekend. So as I'm recording this podcast, on a Monday morning, I received a message in one of our slack channels from a colleague of mine, that the and maybe that's another message right there on slack. So anyway, I received a message on slack from one of my client colleagues, that the candidate who was in the very latest stage of interviews with one of our clients, got a counter offer. And then what do we do? Right, that candidate was a good one, really, the client was excited about that bringing him on board. But the candidate go to counter offer, and the already accepted the counter offer. So what do we do now, practically, the what we also know about the candidates counter offer is that there is unlimited number of vacation days. And apparently, that's what the candidate was interested in, unlimited number of vacation. And now I'm thinking, probably that's a good thing that my client hasn't hired this candidate. Because if the candidate really wants to go for vacations all the time, he or she would not be a good fit for this growing startup anyway, because startups require dedication, they require a little bit of hours on top of the regular schedule, sometimes a little work over the weekend, here and there or in the evening, the work is rewarding. They usually work on some really cool products, they solve some meaningful challenges. And that's why developers are IT professionals in general like to work for startups. But if there is someone who is interested in unlimited number of vacation days, then probably that candidate seeks a comfort, maybe some stability, maybe some predictability, maybe some sort of corporate a gig where the candidate would not be as challenged and rather enjoy unlimited number of vacation days. So probably that's a good thing, the candidate good the counter offer and probably it's a good thing that the candidate is not working for our client, because this may not work in the future. Okay, so what do we do? Well, nothing, we just let it go because this candidate would not be a perfect fit anyway. Instead, we will be looking for that candidate who is keen to work like crazy to help the startup achieve their vision work on their mission, we will be looking for a candidate who is keen to put extra effort and a few hours here and there on top of what's required and that will be a perfect fit. And as soon as we find such a candidate at the client will be excited the clear client will love our services. So I will not bribe the candidate who dropped I will not try to convince him anymore. Instead, our focus on what's next for us. So that's also my tip for today. Focus on what's next not what could have been done better and keep rocking everyone. Tech recruitment is fun is growing. There are so many opportunities and even when people tell me that it is super difficult to find that offers. I often disagree with them because there are so many IT professionals on the market. They are interested in specific opportunities for example, remote opportunities, or in opportunities with higher salary or with opportunities where they can work with some interest. technology, but they are interested. We talked to IT professionals every day who are keen to change their job for something better. So there are candidates, we just need to find a way and an angle, how to approach them. Okay, so with that, I'll wrap it up if you guys would like to join my next q&a session, then during the tech Recruitment Program so we can talk about what you are interested in, as we did with the recruiter who asked this question, as I mentioned at the beginning of his episode, okay, so I'll wrap it up. I'll talk to you tomorrow. Have a wonderful day, everyone.