Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas

Avoid Administrative Burden - S01 Ep28

October 05, 2021 Michal Juhas Season 1 Episode 28
Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas
Avoid Administrative Burden - S01 Ep28
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Hi everyone, and welcome to the your tech recruitment podcast episode number 28. We are onboarding a few new clients, some of them smaller, some of them larger institutions. And it usually comes with the excitement that the beginning right there is a new client new projects to work on new positions. But at the same time, every new client comes with this little administrative burden. And, you know, there are clients who accept our agreement, our contract, however, those sell larger established corporations, they usually they have their own legal team. And their legal team is there to provide, you know, some little obstacles here and there. So they have their own idea what the contract should look like what should be included. And it's quite painful, right? Like, I'm usually the kind of person excited about, about about developing products or bringing something to the market or recruiting really good candidates, interviewing screening candidates, identifying who is a good fit, who not right, like going through a 10, a 10 page long document full of legal stuff is really killing me. So thanks for a colleague of mine, philippos. And a big shout out for him. And his help in actually bringing this client on board and going through these contracts. And, you know, the reason why I'm talking about all this is that I know you guys out there are sometimes also wondering, hey, I have a few options here, I may work for some agency, or I may also do the work myself. And you know, this is a huge burden. on your end, if you decide to start your own micro agency or you are you're a freelancer working for a few clients, it will probably work. If you work for clients, you know, maybe you have already some established relationship, maybe it's a friend of yours, or your ex colleague, and you will be recruiting for them on an ongoing basis. That could be a great sweet spot. However, if you'd like to onboard new clients every every month or every two months, and each client only has one or two vacancies for you to work on, it will be really painful, especially with these larger clients who will not accept your contract. So you will need to negotiate, you will need to get lawyers to review those contracts, it will be expensive. And I'm not even talking about all these guarantees. And you know, like it's it's it what it is right? They have legal teams. And they are there to, you know, do it professionally. So I'm I'm just saying this because there is other way how to approach this, you probably know by now that we also work with our recruitment associates over the last year, we've built a network of recruiters who work with us remotely. And the sweet spot is if you have already some existing talent pool, if you have access to hundreds or 1000s of developers through your own database, or your LinkedIn profile, or whatever other source and you can reach out to them directly. So in that case, you don't have to go through this painful process of onboarding your own clients. You don't have to go through these contract negotiation and you know, all these guarantees. And I know it's really painful, right? If you don't have people to handle it, for me personally, it would be a huge deal breaker I would not probably even even handle with these clients. But Philip was like he's really thriving in this environment where he's supposed to fill in some three page long spreadsheet for their procurement department, right? Like I would never probably finish this document, I would rather not have this client on board, and then to go through this hassle. But that's just me. But if you are anything like me and you just don't want to bother with all these, then join our network, join become our associate. And by joining the network, join our tech recruitment Academy, join our network of recruitment associates and we will work together with you know, these other associates and you will work for our international clients, which is so really cool because a lot of these clients are from Western Europe. We have clients from the United States. So you can start working remotely for a client probably across the globe. Literally overnight, or probably realistically, within a few days, maybe next week, right? So um, it is, it is right here I have the option in front of you. We've on boarded our two, three dozens of recruiters in the last two or three quarters. So we are still bringing new partners on board. Because the demand is there we are signing new clients as we speak. So, probably philippos is busy right now while I'm recording this podcast at 11pm. But I'm doing it right now because the kids are sleeping. So no one is distracting me. Which is good, right? However, yeah, I'll go to sleep soon. So I'll just finish this episode. Okay, so I wanted to tell you about this administrative burden, the hassle with contracts and legal staff and whatnot. So if you want to avoid this, then you can join our network. Now you probably wonder how to join the network where just go to recruit and you can fill in a contact form, we will get back to you. And we will tell you a little more about all these opportunities. And also, if you are not sure how to actually recruit independently, well, then you can join our tech Recruitment Program, you can join my sourcing webinars, so you would know how to actually find the right candidates. I organize these seminars for our recruitment associates, for our partners who I actually want them to really know how to find these people, right? So we will split commission. So it's in my best interest for you to know who is the best candidate. And, you know, also for you it's a sweet deal because if you know people on the ground in Poland, in Czech Republic in Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria, Italy, Portugal, Argentina, Brazil, Russia, Ukraine, if you know people in these countries then we have clients interested in working with some of them. So I'm go to recruit and you don't have to worry about the administrative burden at all. Alright, I'll wrap it up. Have a wonderful day, everyone. I'll talk to you tomorrow or some other day. Who knows right?