Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas

The Five Programming Languages Recruiters Should Know About - S01 Ep26

October 04, 2021 Michal Juhas Season 1 Episode 26
Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas
The Five Programming Languages Recruiters Should Know About - S01 Ep26
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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the tech recruitment podcast episode number 26. I guess. So today I would like to answer a question that came up during the tech Recruitment Program. So the question was, what are the most popular programming languages? For us recruiters, this is really important to know, right? Because first, we are supposed to build up a talent pool, right? So um, you should also build up the talent pool around the most popular programming languages in order to have the highest chance of placing these candidates, right, because there is highest demand for developers who use the most frequently used programming languages. So those programming languages, you should be aware of our JavaScript, Python, tie TypeScript. And I would also choose PHP. Okay, so just looking at the mind map. So let's go through them one by one, JavaScript, by far the most popular programming language, developers use JavaScript to create front end web applications, as well as back end API's or back end web applications. So JavaScript is used by full stack developers, full stack web developers, as well as mobile app developers, because JavaScript can also be used to develop mobile applications, or even desktop applications. So that's probably also why JavaScript is so popular, because it can be used for a variety of different use cases, to build cross platform hybrid mobile applications, to build desktop applications. And, of course, to build websites. So JavaScript, the most popular one. Recently, TypeScript has been increasingly more popular. Also, because TypeScript has been built on top of JavaScript. So TypeScript is we can say, a little more advanced the newer version of JavaScript, so to speak, you know, that really simplified version. So So JavaScript and TypeScript if they go together, usually developers who can use JavaScript, learn also how to use TypeScript because these two are within the same family of languages, we can say, Okay, so that's JavaScript. The second, a popular language is Python. Historically, Python has been used for web development. But in the last few years, Python has been also used for data science and data engineering, which you probably know is growing and trending these days. So a Python is increasingly more popular. And I would also choose Java as the third language, you should be aware of a Java is popular among corporates. Java has been here for, I don't know, 30 years or so 2530 years. It's being used for web development, as well as mobile app development. So all Android applications in the past have been built using Java. And recently, also kotlin. But, you know, most of the applications have been developed using Java on Android on the Android platform. So Java, historically, web web applications on the back end back end API's corporate applications. So you can imagine the sheer scale of it. And also for the last several years mobile Android applications, which we are talking about a billion of devices, right. Cool. So that's a Java, I would also highlight C sharp, a C sharp is being developed by Microsoft, they have released this language already. I know some time ago, I don't recall exactly. But it's been It feels like it's been here for ages. So it's well established among software developers, especially those who are keen to work with Microsoft technologies. So C sharp plugs in well with the whole dotnet ecosystem. All those different frameworks that Microsoft has developed. They, they utilize C sharp. So definitely a lot of C sharp developers out there, use this programming language to develop web applications as well as cross platform mobile apps. And it has also on other use cases, for example, games development or machine learning, development or Internet of Things. Desktop that augment, okay, so C sharp, similarly, as JavaScript can be used for a wide, wide variety of different applications. Next, I would highlight PHP, even though in the last two, three years, it is not as popular as those languages I mentioned. But historically, lots and lots of applications have been developed using PHP, because these language has been created 2030 years ago to build websites, internet applications. So a lot of websites have been developed with PHP, we are talking about all those applications that are powered also all by WordPress, because WordPress, as the most popular content management system has been created in PHP. So WordPress itself powers about 35% of all the websites on the internet. So WordPress has been built using PHP, and WordPress powers 35% of all the websites. So you can imagine how many websites are powered by PHP, eventually, right? We are talking about what 40 50% at least of all the web applications on PHP, but developers shift from PHP to JavaScript to C sharp or TypeScript recently. So that's PHP, and I would probably highlight swift as new emerging language. 30 sub developed by Apple, and developers use swift to create iOS applications. So mobile or desktop applications on the Mac platform, so Mac OS, or iOS on the phone, smartphone. So swift has been growing in popularity. And there is a, you know, a list of other programming languages, but those are not as as important as those that I mentioned. So just thinking about go Lang, or c++, I mean, it is important, but few developers use it in comparison to JavaScript, or TypeScript, or C sharp or PHP or Java, right. So if I will tell you what software developers, you as a recruiter should focus on eight would be JavaScript full stack developers. Also, um, you know, TypeScript, because it just comes with JavaScript recently. I would also highlight C sharp, and Java, back end developers and PHP. And let's not forget Python, okay, so these four or five languages will, you know, really help you place. Or if you find developers who are using these languages, you will have no difficulties in placing them because lots of companies are looking for C sharp developers, or PHP developers, or JavaScript full stack developers. So if you as a recruiter build up your talent pool full of these developers, then you will be doing really, really well. On the other hand, there are also some very minor programming languages such as COBOL. So very few companies actually use COBOL these days. However, just because some bank applications have used it, historically, they have not migrated yet to anything new, they still need these COBOL developers. And there are not that many of them out there. Most likely, most of them have retired already, because COBOL has been used 20 3040 years ago, about, but some applications are still written in COBOL. And I'm mentioning this. So you don't neglect these minor languages. Because you can get a substantial commission by placing developers in this very specific niche area. So if you happen to know 10 2030, COBOL developers, wow, like you will be you will be doing really well as soon as you find a few clients, some banks or some insurance companies or some corporates that still have their systems written in COBOL. Okay, so one thing is focusing on these most common programming languages, as I mentioned, PHP, JavaScript, C sharp, Python, but on the other hand, there are these very, very minor languages that companies would pay a fortune for. If you Find a developer who is keen to start working with these programming languages. Okay, cool. So I guess I'll wrap it up as this is a short answer to the question, what are the most popular programming languages now that I record or should be aware of, and what to focus on. So I hope you find this useful. You can also get the mind map. So you would have this visualized, I'm just looking at the mind map while recording this episode. And it just helps to visualize and structure your thoughts. So you can just go to tech mind and get these mind maps. You can keep them on the desk and you will find it useful as all those other HR managers, a talent acquisition specialist and recruiters already have found. Okay, cool. Thanks a lot, everyone. Have a wonderful day and I'll talk to you tomorrow.