Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas

What To Do When A Candidate Turns Down Your Job Offer - S01 Ep25

October 01, 2021 Michal Juhas Season 1 Episode 25
Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas
What To Do When A Candidate Turns Down Your Job Offer - S01 Ep25
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Hi, everyone, and welcome to the tech recruitment podcast, Episode Number 25. Today I'll answer a question from one of the students of the tech Recruitment Program. So he or she asked, what do you do if a candidate turns down a job offer? And I'm saying he or she asked, because I'm just looking at a list of these questions in a spreadsheet. So what do you do if a candidate turns down a job offer. And this happens, right, this happens quite frequently these days. Because developers have lots of opportunities, they explore opportunities. And when they tell their existing boss, they are about to leave, the boss usually comes with a counter offer, even though in a lot of books about management, this is not considered a best practice, yet, it still happens because of the talent shortage, right? So sometimes, it's easier to give someone 300 or 500 euros per month, more than to go through the hassle of getting someone new on board, and potentially with even higher salary. Right. So the counteroffer can come from an existing employer or from another party. So as someone that the candidate was interviewing with, so can we really do anything about this, if the over a candidate has received is better than the offer we gave to him than probably not? And if he is not excited enough about our opportunity, then really what can we do? Right? Sometimes it's better to move on to some other candidate. But let's explore the second reason why a candidate could turn down our job offer. So probably he learned something new, something new about the company, or the team or the project, something that he didn't know, before he received the offer. Maybe he wasn't sure, what exactly will he do at work. And suddenly, in the job offer, it was crystal clear. Maybe during the interview process, everyone was nice, and they were painting the future pink. But in the job offer, there was a project mentioned that the candidate cow just didn't want to work on. Okay, so he can acquire some new information, while getting the job offer. It could be about the manager or the project or team or the technology. Right? Cool. The third reason why a candidate could turn down our job offer could be that he simply or she simply changes his or her mind. And that happened to one of my candidates like really, really good, great senior candidate. I loved him, he was working for one of these top five companies in tech. And our offer was better in terms of the project and the product to work on. You know, he would have more freedom more ease up, and even higher salary, but he just changed his mind after he received the job offer. So he was like, Nah, Well, okay, well, I'll probably just stay where I am. Even though, during the interview process, he was quite excited. So he just changed his mind. And that happens to all of us. The reason number four, no desire to change, which is similar to the previous one, you know, as I mentioned, someone who changes their mind. But in this case, the desire to change is something I would like to explore further. Because if someone doesn't desire to change, then we cannot really get him to accept the job offer. Right? Then the question is, how can we trigger his or her desire to change? It could be with some really exciting project, it could be with giving them more decision making power or more responsibility. It could be an exciting location. So these could be the triggers. But as soon as someone doesn't just have any desire to change, then what can we do right? The person can, for example, receive a job offer to relocate to the other part of the world. But if he just received another offer in the same location, and he doesn't desire to relocate, if he doesn't desire to change the location, then he will not accept the offer anyway. And the fifth reason why a candidate can turn down our job offer is that he doesn't have any pain or any pain in his current job or situation. And this is quite important because often we change after our frustration grows or our pain reaches a certain threshold. But before this milestone happens, we are just usually stuck to what we do. For example, if the frustration with management is not great enough, the candidate just simply doesn't need to leave the company, he may be still just sort of okay ish. And even if he or she receives a great job offer from you, he may still feel like, Ah, you know what, I'll just stay here. And I'll wait another three months or six months? And if the situation gets worse, well, then I'll consider to leave the company. Okay, so these are a few reasons to keep in mind, why do people even turned down job offers? And what can we do about it? So we can take some, some actions, even before we share the job offer to make sure the candidate is excited, or has the right motivation to, to leave the company he's working for, and learns as much about the team about the project about the management team as possible, because then you will avoid some unpleasant situations after he or she receives a job offer. Okay. And then the question also is, was it a good job offer, he can turn down or she can turn down a job offer, if it is simply not good enough. So here is what we can do when someone turns down our job offer, simply find someone else, because there are lots of people out there who are looking for new opportunities, people who would die for some of these opportunities, because it's a dream job for them. So instead of trying to push someone who is like, Nah, you know, like, I don't have any desire, I don't have any reason to change, I'm good enough, or I feel well where I am. So instead of focusing on these guys, focus on someone who will be super excited, thrilled about this opportunity. And there are candidates who are approaching me with messages and they are looking for new opportunities either to relocate or to, to get a freelance job, or they want to work for a better company when it comes to their product development. So look for these people and work with them, you will feel much better, it will be much more rewarding for you. And it will be much more fun because you will work with people who want to change who have desire, who have some pain they want to ease. So with that, I'll wrap it up. Have a wonderful day everyone and I'll talk to you soon.