Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas

How to Attract European Candidates - S01 Ep24

September 27, 2021 Michal Juhas Season 1 Episode 24
Tech Recruitment Podcast w/ Michal Juhas
How to Attract European Candidates - S01 Ep24
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Hi, everyone, and welcome to a new episode of the tech recruitment podcast. It's been a few weeks, if not months, right? So things have been really, really busy on our end. So sorry, guys, I wasn't able to keep you up to date. It's been really crazy and overwhelming. But I usually say, hey, that's a good thing. Because imagine we would be just sitting here being bored, right? That would really suck. But having too many clients having too many customers having too many requests on LinkedIn, or messages or emails, that's actually a good thing. So I'll that's what I remind to my team here on there. So that's a better problem to have, even though in some cases, it has some negative consequences, such as the fact that I haven't really released any episodes since either No, June, probably, I don't want to even think about it. Anyway, guys, I'm thrilled to be back. And with a team who is helping me to actually release some of these episodes, or YouTube videos, or launch campaigns on Facebook, or send you guys emails. So that's, that's really cool. I'm super grateful for these guys who just joined me. And that also reminds me, how important is it for for also you guys to build up your team. So whether you want to work as a standalone recruiter, or you would like to join a team in an agency, you will work with colleagues, right? So keep thinking, how can you help? How can you help your clients? How can you help your team members, because eventually, as a team, you will deliver more as as an individual. Okay, so um, that's a little little update on my end. And I would like to cover one interesting question that I received during the program. So for those of you guys who haven't listened to my past episodes, since I don't know, January, February, March, April of this year, you may not know that every two months or so I organized this program. So the tech Recruitment Program for a group of 20 recruiters, and this year, all of these groups have sold out. So I've been super grateful for all of these recruiters, HR managers and talent acquisition specialists who joined and asked great questions and are super keen to learn. So one of the question someone asked was, how to attract European candidates specifically. And I thought this is really an interesting question, because I like to think about candidates as individuals. So everyone wants something, right? Everyone desires something, and I like to ask myself, what do you want? What do you potentially desire? So look at Europe, for example, you may have candidates in Eastern Europe, or in the Central Europe, or in the UK, or, you know, outside of Europe, there are candidates in the United States, for example, right? or Canada. So now, after we segment, geographically, we can assume what do they probably potentially want. So for example, based on my experience developers who are in the Eastern Europe, they are now opening up to all these remote opportunities, and they are looking to the Western Europe and Western clients. And they asked themselves, how can I work for a company that is based in the Central Europe or in the UK, so they want to start working remotely. And there was one candidate I was talking to recently in Romania, or Bulgaria, I think it was Romania. And he was just saying, hey, Michael, I'm now working from home anyway, I'm working for this company across the street. And I'm sort of working remotely, so why don't I work remotely for some cool company, you know, in the Western Europe, and I was like he of course he look, he received one such an opportunity. And then I was talking to some other developers who are for example, in Poland or in the Czech Republic, and they don't want to work for clients in Poland or in the Czech Republic, because that's what they do normally, right? So they want something, something else they want, for example, to work for a company in the UK in London because of money or because Have prestige. And one of our clients was based in San Francisco. And it was really interesting to see that a lot of candidates, for example, from Germany, or from Italy, or from Portugal, or they wanted to work for this client in San Francisco, because again, it was, it was some sort of prestige for them right to say, Hey, I'm working for this startup in San Francisco, even while they work remotely from Europe. So I like to segment developers or IT professionals in general, based on a few parameters, it could be a geography, it could be the type of work so freelance or permanent, some developers, for example, freelancers, they tend to care more about the daily or monthly rate, right? So I keep thinking, what what do they want? Do they want more money? Do they want that higher daily rate? Do they want a higher hourly rate as freelancers? On the other hand, while I'm talking to someone who would like to join a company full time permanently? I'm thinking, What does he want? Does he want to join some cool company? Does he want to join a cool team? Would he like to work on some meaningful project. And that's also interesting, because these days, IT professionals can work for any company around the globe, right? So what is happening these days is these IT professionals are, are trying to find companies that are working on meaningful projects, or companies that have some positive impact on the planet or on the well being, eventually. So you know, that's also what I try to encourage these it candidates to think about. You can work for a company a year for for a year, or for two years, and you can earn great money. But after those two years, you will be just on the market, again, probably bored to death from the project. Or you can spend the same year working on some really cool project. And you can have an impact, positive impact, hopefully, right? So that's why I coming back to the desire. What do these developers desire? Do they want more money? Or are they looking for positive impact. And as soon as you understand what do they want, it is so much easier to eventually sell them the job opportunity. And this is precisely what we also discuss during the tech Recruitment Program, how to sell a job opportunity to candidate how to make them interested and excited about these opportunities. Because as I mentioned, they can work for any company around the globe, practically. So why not to go an extra mile in making sure that they are interested in our opportunity, right? Otherwise, they will go just to or And they will apply to one of the 1000s of similar opportunities, and they will probably not care much. Because if there is usually not much information about the project, or the product, or the technology, or the company or the team on a regular website. So this is our role, guys. As recruiters, we should also inspire developers to go for these exciting projects where they can have meaningful and positive impact and deliver something that will matter in a year or two years. Okay, so um, with that, I'll probably wrap it up. I don't want to overwhelm you with all this goodness, after so many weeks or months, being silent. So there is a quick takeaway And the answer to that question, how to attract European candidates, okay. Think about these European candidates. What do they want? Do they desire, better opportunity? Do they desire more impact? Do they want to increase their salary? Do they want to have a more prestigious job, for example, to work for a company based in San Francisco, everyone wants something. And your role as the recruiter is to figure it out? What does your candidate want, and then just match the opportunity you have at hand to face desire. Thanks, guys. Have a wonderful day. I'll talk to you soon.